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Die Verbindung von aufklärerischer Vernunft und Wissenschaft

Kant's Theory of Imagination (2002) Sarah Gibbons

Umschlag Kants Theory of Imagination

Exzellente und sehr präzise Studie zur Funktion der Einbildungskraft in der A- und B-Auflage der Kritik der reinen Vernunft. Gibbons nimmt Kants Bemerkung ernst, dass das gesamte Denken auf der Arbeit der Synthesis beruht.

This book departs from much of the scholarship on Kant by demonstrating the centrality of imagination to Kant's philosophy as a whole. In Kant's works, human experience is simultaneously passive and active, thought and sensed, free and unfree: these dualisms are often thought of as unfortunate byproducts of his system. Gibbons, however, shows that imagination performs a vital function in "bridging gaps" between the different elements of cognition and experience. Thus, the role imagination plays in Kant's works expresses his fundamental insight into the complexity of cognition for finite rational beings such as ourselves. Clarendon Press Oxford.